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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Counting down 4+ months to #FideLeonWedding and I've been taking extra care of my hair, doing my hair mask and taking care of my hair ends because I want to keep my hair as long as possible for the wedding so my stylist will have more room to style my hair however i want with longer hair length!

It's no secret that I looooove my curls~
I don't think i've gone a week without curling my hair at least twice.
But hot tools like straighters, curlers literally fry your hair! ):

On warmer days, I love a simple low ponytail or low pontail styled to the side so stay cool, but this look requires backcombing of the crown and side portion of my hair so the ponytail looks more poufy and looks nicer on the coverall with curls, but back combing is so damaged to the hair and I'm scared half to death that my hair will suffer from breakage and more hair will fall off!

But it's quite terrifying seeing the amount of hair that simply BREAKS whenever I'm combing through my wet hair with a wide tooth shower comb after washing :/  

I really wonder how some girls manage to keep their hair super healthy and thick and bouncy, so envious! I'm definitely looking for my dream product that can REPAIR my damaged hair and help strengthen it so i can style it however i want without worrying about my hair breaking!

I was shopping at Watsons to look for a new hair care range that might help  my weak hair and I saw the new L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Sulphate free range, I was previously quite the fan of the Ever Pure range for colored hair so I was really tempted when I saw their new Ever Strong Anti-Breakage range which is made up of shampoo/conditioner/double serum which promises to repair hair damage & resist breakage after just one use, it has this patented formula called 360º Cuticle Care which helps reinforce weak and fragile hair by strengthening hair from inside-out. 


With more and more hair products labelling their products sulphate-free, i think many people are not essentially understanding what is sulphate and why are sulphate-free products getting popular these days but mostly just because it's the "trend".

So to put it simply, sulfate is a kind of cleansing agent, it's a pretty standard ingredient in most shampoos and also household cleaning products, but the bad part in exchange for that nice frothy hair wash is that it also cause your hair to become frizzy, and in Singapore's climate, we certainly don't need help making our hair even more frizzy! It also damaged colored hair and shortens the lifespan of your new (most probably expensive) hair dye job.

I loooooove my foamy lather when i wash my hair thou, i hate it when I use shampoos which don't give that good foamy effect and especially with long hair it's so awful, but the Ever Strong Anti-Breakage range even thou it's sulphate-free it still gives me a good lather!

Of course, on the topic of going sulphate-free or not.. I definitely will if I can get softer hair or a healthier option for my hair or the choice of haircare that truly helps to extend the life of expensive hair treatments / colouring job! But i think L'Oreal Sulphate-free shampoos are really the more affordable ones as compared to the other brands I've checked out labelled with Sulphate-free formulas.

To be honest, I've not gone out with straight hair for a looooong time because i felt that my hair ends are pretty damaged and hot curling and styling my hair makes the ends shinier too, giving it a "healthier" look, but I noticed that lesser hair breakage/fall on my shower comb when i comb through my wet hair as compared to before, and so i felt more confident wearing my hair straight! :D

Blow dry my hair and went for a food tasting event last week with nadnut and i got quite a number of compliments from wearing my hair straight! :D

I also applied the Ever Strong Anti-Breakage Dual Serum starting halfway down my hair length while my hair was still damp before blow drying it and that seemed to help since normally I will experience some frizzy hair.

On the overall, other than reduced hair breakage I experienced while combing through my wet hair (which was the problem i wanted to solve when i was looking for a new haircare range a couple of week back before i tried the EverStrong Anti-Breakage range, so  i'm really satisfied with the results i'm seeing)!

I felt that this range of haircare products have definitely helped strengthen my hair and repaired some of  the damage from my constant styling, I think i'll be continuing and using this range and see it will help further reduce breakage and it'll be peeeeeeerfect!
Long hair please grow grow grow for my wedding!


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♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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